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Screenshot of Timo Dechau´s Linkedin post with text about a video platform for data practitioners

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If I could convince a fairy to give me my dream job, it would be like this today:

  • Test out new data setups, approaches, pipelines, concepts, and implementations to learn how they work, what benefit they give but also the limitations
  • Create a long multi-episode video about it
  • Discuss my findings with other people and learn about their findings

Luckily in a way, I can design my job.

So I do this now.

This is something I have been working on over the summer.

A video platform for data practitioners.


  • Short and byte-sized sessions with hands-on screen share videos.
  • Look over the shoulder of other data pros, see how they tackle specific tasks and hear their reasoning for implementing them and why.
  • See top engineers of your beloved tools doing a live session and show how to best use their tools.
  • When there is code, all code is available for you in Github repos.
  • A place to ask your questions and post issues you discover when you implement the solution.

Egghead-io for data & analytics people.

And no high prices – affordable for everyone (with fair pricing).

Do you like the idea?

Then click on the link in the comments, add your email and be in the first batch of subscribers (which get an exceptional price).