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I need some help from you.

Last week I complained about the fact that often Matomo is mentioned as Google Analytics alternative just as a reflex, because there is no really good overview about alternatives you can use in the EU. As I wrote, there is no easy answer to this questions since there is usually a catalogue of requirements.

So I am writing on an extensive post that should offer this overview. And it should go much deeper than just saying: “there is service XYZ, here is the url and they do privacy-focused analytics”.

I want to cover these topics:
– privacy focus – cookies/cookieless, when cookieless – which strategy is used, server location, from where the scripts are loaded
– business model – legal setup (location, entity),pricing , open source offering, company setup (independent, small team, funding)
– tracking implementation: only frontends or other options like server side
– use cases: does it work for product analytics, marketing analytics or customer analytics
– data destinations: where does the data ends up, how can I access it
– customers: which kind of customers are using the service

I have these services on my list:
– Snowplow
– Elbwalker
– Matomo
– Piwik
– Fathom Analytics
– Plausible Analytics
– Segment
– Amplitude
– Mixpanel
– Rudderstack
– Jitsu
– Sealmetrics
– Simple Analytics

Who else should I add to the list? What kind of aspects should I cover for each service? Let me know in the comments. 

I will publish this as pre-version (so when 30% is done) and update it continuously, so it gets out quickly and can grow over time and with your feedback.

You can find the Github Repo here: