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I like to divide my event data into three categories: business, product, and UX events.

Today, let’s talk business.

Business event data is still my favorite because of this:

  • It’s close to what everyone is doing every day in your company
  • Therefore everyone understands these events immediately. Subscription created, Deal won, Free trial started often don’t need extra explanation
  • They are super solid. They rarely change unless you change your business model
  • They often can be tracked by collecting data from backend or core systems, like your production DB or your CRM (reduce frontend browser data fails)
  • You end up with a high-level business customer journey funnel that is your leading chart in all your business dashboards

How do you define these events?

  • Map out your major business entities – here is the typical SaaS example: Content, Account, Free trial, Session, Subscription
  • Then write down the usual activities for all entities. Like: Content created, Content viewed, Content read, Content discovered, Content clicked, Content shared, Content converted
  • Then define the properties that define the context of the entity: content_title, content_type, content_author, content_length, content_topic, content_audience

Combine all to get your business events.

If I start with a tracking setup, I start with these. This is the foundation. Product and UX events are built on top of it.

With what kind of events are you starting your data collection?

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