Creating a repository to collect all analytics & tracking alternatives

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My post about analytics alternatives got more attention than I thought. And it got more interest in collaborating on such list, so that my initial idea of a blog post transferred into an idea of an open source directory.

So here is what I currently think of:
– create a repo to create and collect all analytics & tracking alternatives in a defined structure
– work together on the structure and the data about the alternatives
– I will reach out to the different vendors to get the data from them
– I might also plan to do a podcast series with them about their services (not 100% sure about it – but I like the idea)

The repo is ready (link in the comments).

I will post more about collaboration during the next days. Yesterday I started to work on a structure (see the yaml file in src folder) but saw that working with sample data does not really do the job. So I will start with real alternatives and develop the structure based on that.

Now with which one to start. Here you can help me.

About which analytics & tracking alternative would you like to learn more?

Unfortunately LinkedIn only allows 4 options in a poll.

So I do two version:
– a quick poll with 4 clusters here on LinkedIn
– a detailed poll with all options gathered yesterday on Typeform

On Typeform you can also voluntary drop your email, so I can keep you posted about the progress.

Extensive Typeform Poll:
Github Repo:

The poll with results: