The next trend in data: Boutique Data Conferences

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Next trend in data: Boutique Data Conferences.

Yeah, there are the big ones. I also heard they now go worldwide, and even some go on tour. But really, that is not indie anymore, just blockbuster cinema.

The exciting stuff now happens at these small, well-selected Boutique Data Conferences.

Like “Get Stuff Done with Data” that Lauren Balik has created (and LI thought again, who needs to be blocked for some time because writing controversial about VC models is a threat to the community). But that is indie.

There are great talks you can watch, like:
Sarah Krasnik – The Analytics Requirements Document
Phillip Hall – Everything You Can Get for Free with GCP
Ian Whitestone – Power Hour on Reducing Snowflake Bills
Alasdair Brown – Data is More Than Just a Dashboard
Armon Petrossian – Intro to Data Modeling at Scale
Jérémy Ravenel – How to Run a Lean Data Stack
Sebastian Garcia – How to Run Data Ops with No Warehouse
Nicholas Freund – Reigning in Dashboard Sprawl
Eric Sammer – Intro to Stateful Stream Processing
Ahmed Elsamadisi – Intro to the Activity Schema

I will do an event collection meditation session, where I will show you how to reach tracking nirvana in three steps. So get your candles ready.

And it’s free – so don’t waste your time and sign up!