Enabled by default and can’t be switched off

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20y ago (yes, it’s that long ago) in university we had a running gag in our controlling lessons. Whenever someone asked for a number of a metric the standard answer was 12 (– estimated). I can’t really tell the origin of it. But it was a bit of a counter-movement to the controlling approach where all metrics add up at the end (one of the things I loved about it).

Google Analytics 4 now makes this a core feature.

I found this in Simo Ahava‘s Newsletter (to which I highly recommend subscribing).

Charles Farina surfaced an answer from the Google Analytics team concerning conversion modeling:

GA4 has started to use consent mode for conversion modeling. Conversion modeling means that Google applies some ML models to estimate your total conversions.

This feature is enabled by default and can’t be switched off.

An ok implementation would be to show maybe two classes of conversions: actually tracked and modeled – at least this gives you a bit of insight on how they split up (but still leaves you to make a decision on how to work with it).

But Google has decided to just show the total number of conversions (actual + modeled) and it can take up to 7d for modeled conversions to appear in your reports.

This is ridiculous.

Source: https://twitter.com/charlesfarina/status/1529148485110407168