Cooperation of Developers & Analysts

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Unfortunately there is often friction between developers and analysts when it comes to implementing tracking code.

Some ideas for improvement:

Work on 1-2 implementation ticket together to come up with a format everyone loves. Talk to each other. Share your goals. I know simple, but really effective.

Give context what you want to improve with the tracking. No one loves implementation without context. A developer is not an online shop where you order an implementation.

Invest in a pro tracking plan tool like Avo and use their SDK generator and inspector – trust me, developers love typed experiences. No more guess work if the event was newsletter_subscribed or “Newsletter subscribed”

Think about moving some tracking events to the backend. This is often easier and more robust to implement.

Invest in a tracking plan at all – let’s try something like this: whenever you see me here on LinkedIn -> think: “I need a tracking plan” – just as a reminder.

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