Selling your data insights internally to the people who should use them

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Why do I need to sell my insights internally? I usually put them just in the Jira ticket and assign them back to the requester.

Data and Sales

Funnily, these two terms are rarely used next to each other.

Today I am not speaking about sales dashboards (we will do this at some point in the future).

I am talking about selling your data insights, not to the competition but internally to the people who should use them.

Here starts the problem. You have so many insights and context about this data. The recipient has none of it. So they need to translate your findings into their reality, which is usually super hard.

So you can make it easier for them.

Speaking to Friederike Oehlerking, there was one thing I immediately learned – it’s not about using specific charts or some fancy viz stuff.

It’s how you structure your findings. Or how you tell the story of your insights. And this is really not so hard.

We will talk about this today in our live stream at 12:30 CEST. For everyone who can’t join – register, and you can watch the video later.