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I was doing data projects alone for almost seven years. It was fun, but there was also always something missing.

From today deepskydata ApS has three people (or 4 when I count my wife into it, who is the perfect strategic advisor).

Welcome Angela Bogdanovska and Rogério Braunschweiger!

Great to have you on this journey, and let’s make tracking setups that all the great companies deserve so that they can put data into action.

If you want to collect data where no one asks anymore if the data is correct – talk to us.

Here are some things that we do:

GA4 migrations – fast. We have a tested approach to create a fitting concept and help you implement Google Analytics 4 (you know, the new one). In 2-4 weeks, you can say hello to your new GA4 account.

What is the correct tracking setup – We help you find the best options for your business case and future roadmap.

OMG, we have too many events – We help you to streamline your event structure and setup. We strongly believe that you only need 8-10 events to drive your business. More is usually for product feature performance which can be added in iterations.

OMG, our GTM setup is not manageable anymore – We help to refactor, monitor, and make sure that the GTM setup is compliant. Thinking about server-side? We are thinking about this too.

If you like to talk, just book 30m with me: https://calendly.com/deepskydata