Oh, Data quality is such a hot topic

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Oh, Data quality is such a hot topic that I see a new data quality startup appearing every month.

So here is the next one…

I was just kidding. I have a data quality tip that is easier to implement than any of these tools.

Do Retrospectives.

For me, the retro is still one of the agile belt’s most powerful and underestimated tool.

When you work on a project base (like me), then do it after each project or project phase. When you work in a data team 1x, a month sounds good to do a retro.

What helps is when you define a clear structure for the retro, so it doesn’t end up as a friendly but random chat about data.

The primary thing is that you create clear action items you want to implement. So you can track them and review them in the next retro. It also gives you a good metric: % of action items implemented.

Pro tip – cluster the problem areas, action items, and what works well in categories. This also gives you good insights into which kind of areas you perform well and where you need to improve.

And maybe one of the action items is that you should implement data monitoring. Then it’s time to look into these other tools.