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Some weeks ago, I had a pleasant conversation with Stefania Olafsdottir about data quality.

And you will find some stories in this episode about what simple tracking issues can cause in a company.

Data quality starts with the collection. It starts with what you collect and how you collect it.

When your developers think that switching the country value from “Italy” to “IT” for the application, it’s a great idea. But of course, no one knows that this will break some data pipelines downstream.

So we need better monitoring and testing to create feedback loops for these kinds of cases.

If you like people talking about data experiences and especially about data quality. And why do we call this asset tracking plan, measurement plan, telemetry, taxonomy, or even solution design document (the weirdest name for it)?

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Description of the podcast episode:

Great data persons are also great storytellers. And if they can present a narrative of how problems with data quality can lead to wrong product decisions and can slow down everything, you can be sure to listen carefully.

Stefania Olafsdottir from Avo is a perfect interview partner – she had built the data team at QuizUp. She was making the journey through all things data at light speed. Then starting her startup and learned that data quality issues could blur any good product initiative. And so finally co-founded Avo – a tool to ensure data quality.

And it does not ensure data quality from the technical side but also from the conceptual by helping teams create and manage tracking plans and ensure data quality from the root.