Join me for this event about tracking core events for your business easily

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How to run your business with 8 tracking events: AirBnB edition

Three times is a stream.
I already had to move this two times due to illness. But now it will happen (if the streaming gods are on our side).

We track too many events. Often because we are adding more and more over time. But less is more in the case of tracking events. At least when we talk about crucial events.

I divide events in at least two buckets:
– core business events
– product/ux events

The core business events are the ones we will be talking about in this session. And we will do it using a well known example: AirBnB.

So we pretend to create a tracking setup to track the core events for AirBnB. I walk you through my usual process:
– how I break down journey in entities and actions
– how I define context in properties
– how I define the 8 core events that are the holy grail of your tracking setup

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