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Setting up Google Analytics 4 is like good travel planning

Seriously? That is the best analogy you can come up with?

Please wait a bit for it; it makes sense in the end (at least for me 😁).

When checking the internet, you can learn that there are two types of persons concerning traveling:

– The travel planner – Gets all relevant guides beforehand, books most of the hotels along the way months before, makes a list of activities and things to see for each day (or at least every evening before the next day) – gets annoyed when things go different than planned (never happens)
– The spontaneous backpacker – travels with the wind, discovers new opportunities by accident, leaves the path constantly, doesn’t know where to sleep at night, but that’s ok, ends up in a different country than initially planned – gets annoyed by just the mention of “if plan out the route today we could be in X tomorrow.”

Which type are you?

I am the first one – even when I sometime romanticize the second one – it drives me nuts.

But the spontaneous one has decent benefits. No time is wasted by long planning meetings; there is no chance of just planning and never doing. And the opportunity of discovering excellent new insights is pretty high.

Sounds also suitable for analytics, doesn’t it?

Yes, it does. But only when you are solo or in a tiny team.

Imagine the spontaneous way with a group of 50 people. They have to connect and work on a common goal. It’s pretty hard when everyone is doing what they find interesting at the moment.

When a group of people is involved, and you want to reach a specific goal at a particular time, you need a plan.

That’s why you need an event schema plan for Google Analytics 4. Nothing complicated. You know, I am a massive fan of: 8-10 events are enough to measure your business. But this foundation is essential. 

When the foundation is solid, everyone can have the afternoon or even days off to wander around and discover things on their own because all insights are based on the same foundation.

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