Why I think we need more live sessions in data education

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Is pair-programming in data a thing? I never came across it and wondered why?

Last week I came across some tweets of someone sharing the frustrating experience of getting more development teams into pair-programming. He experienced much resistance. I know this resistance as well.

For me, pair sessions are still the most valuable thing which exists. But there are some things to keep in mind:
– when you are the junior part, overcome embarrassment. Sure, you will see how your stuff gets corrected and improved. But this is awesome. You see and hear how to make stuff better within your context. You can discuss your initial idea and motivation and get valuable feedback. This is the best investment

– when you are the senior part: this is a valuable investment. You have the great chance to pass on some of your insights and learning and help someone else become better. Step out and offer these sessions to others. And have an open mind and listen/ask about the other’s ideas and motivations. And trust me – you will learn a lot too.

– when you are on an equal level – great fun – venture out and learn things together. When got stuck, share the investigation. Make it a team effort and win.

I would love to see more pair-SQL sessions in data. More data ops-sessions, analysis-sessions…

Honestly, we all can do a better job in data education every day.