Thanks to all data lawyers for keeping us informed about tracking privacy – but please stop only recommending Matomo

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Because I just wrote such email to a lawyer.

Everyone in data legal topics – you are doing a great job here at the moment giving context to the current GA decisions and what companies using GA at the moment should do next. This is super helpful for everyone!

If you do this, please stop only recommending Matomo. Is see this every time: “if you want to be avoid the problem, use Matomo (or something like Matomo). There are a lot of aspects to an analytics solution – server location and data processing is an important one, but not the only one. There are 100 of options that could be your solutions, so please speak of (“checkout privacy-aware or privacy-focused tracking solutions – and if you are not sure, speak to a tracking specialist”).

But first of all keep the great work to keep us all informed.