We love comeback stories, don’t we?

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We love comeback stories, don’t we?

Well, Mixpanel’s story is a pure comeback story.

Starting in 2009, it was an impressive success story in the new mobile apps area. Mixpanel became quickly the mobile analytics platform most startups were using. It was based on the event & properties model and provided powerful funnel and cohort analysis.

Then came first Amplitude and then finally Firebase. And as we already mentioned with Amplitude – Firebase ended other mobile analytics vendors. Btw. You could always use Mixpanel also on the web at this time, but it was not commonly used.

So by the end of 2016, Mixpanel took the same route as Amplitude (both roughly at the same time) and defined themselves as product analytics vendors. But from my experience, this switch first worked better for Amplitude – they introduced more fitting features for product teams and gained significant market shares.

In 2018 Mixpanel started to reorg and took on to close the gap to Amplitude. With more focused features, a potential better pricing model for starters, and an EU server location from free plan. 

Today I see more and more product analytics teams starting out with Mixpanel. I personally really like their chart visualizations and the better ways to create dashboards with them. 

In 2021 they announced a new round of raising 200M – so they are equipped to bring product analytics further.

See the details of Mixpanel in my analytics alternatives repo and check how they compare to Amplitude. Link to Mixpanel details: https://github.com/timodechau/analytics_alternatives/blob/main/alternatives/mixpanel/service.yml