Which are there, and are they even alternatives?

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Screenshot of Timo Dechau's LinkedIn post with text about Mixpanel alternatives

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So, you are not happy with Mixpanel?

If so, please let me know why in the comments.

Or are you considering Mixpanel and unsure if it is the right tool for you?

When we are not happy or uncertain with a tool, it’s because some things are not working for us.

80% of the time, we miss a feature or a specific way to use a component. This is not our fault; often, the tool documentation is not good in covering all cases.

But in 20%, we might have an issue that can’t be solved in the tool itself (maybe it is too expensive).

Then we need to look for alternatives.

I made a video where I compare Mixpanel to other analytics tools like Amplitude, Posthog, Google Analytics, Piwik, or Segment to give you an idea about the high-level differences.

It’s meant as a starter.