Recap of new features announced at the Amplify conference

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I think Amplitude has now officially left the product analytics space.

They have to find a new category – why?

Well, it’s Amplify time – and like every big tech company Amplitude now announces big new product features during a conference.

And the announcements are quite bigger than the last years – at least for me:

[ 1 ] Marketing analytics is coming big to Amplitude – this is a huge gap closing towards Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. You can now map channels, apply attribution models and get your marketing cost data loaded into Amplitude (standard platforms, will be interesting to see how to handle custom costs, but Amplitude was always great in providing APIs).

Marketing cost attribution was the major reason for me to leave GA in some setups or build some hacky ways to achieve it.

[ 2 ] Amplitude is calling itself now officially a CDP – there were some notions of it before – you could already load some data to other destinations, now it’s officially and it will be interesting to see how many destinations will be supported in the future.

This is the most logical move. I usually implement Amplitude aside with something like Segment, because we want the same data in several places. Segment’s personas never felt right to me. But handling audiences and segments in Amplitude and sending them to marketing platforms is a no-brainer. I mean, this is one of the major reasons people still stick to GA.

[ 3 ] Smaller, but I really looking forward to it – data tables – this enables you to break down your data into multiple segment views. Essential tool for quickly identifying.

[ 4 ] You can now define custom metrics in Amplitude and reuse them in reports and segmentation. This one I need to test to see the full benefit. It sounds nice so far.

One thing that is missing for me is what kind of feature is available in which plan.

Amplitude always had the strategy to have a generous free plan with reduced features but then a steep step to start with your first paid plan with more features and to get all features we are speaking GA360 dimensions (based on your event volume of course).

And one thing that holds EU smaller companies back is that you can only have a dedicated EU-based server location in paid plans. A no go today even for test setups. Maybe this has changed too?

So which is now Amplitude’s new category? I don’t really know – they call it digital optimization – which sounds right but not really catchy. Maybe something with growth (growth analytics might be too small for what they are doing).

Can someone give some details on how the new features map to the plans? And if there will be an EU-based server location also for free plans? Adam Greco Nevio Buric?