Operational analytics is here to stay

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Operational analytics is here to stay – and honestly I think we are just starting out.

Just to think about ways to get the data back into the places where other teams actually work every day (CRMs, task management, Ad platforms, HR services) will create exciting new use cases where we simply skip the dashboards and place the data in the hand of the people directly.

Because of this it’s super great to read that Census just announced their series B round where they raised $60m.

It’s super exciting to see this kind of investment into the category, because, as I said, I think we only see the beginnings at the moment.

Exciting times ahead!

Learn more in the blog post by Boris Jabes (and also subscribe to his excellent podcast – the Sequel show – my favourite data podcast).

Blog post: https://blog.getcensus.com/series-b-the-future-of-operational-analytics/

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/dk/podcast/the-sequel-show/id1557561392