Why it should play a big role in your company

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We all love new tools.

It’s like a business Christmas, and it can happen every day.

But the easy part is buying and unwrapping a tool; the hard part comes afterward.

You have to invest time into the tool.

You need to master it to get the total value out of it.

Now it sounds boring? Well, it should not.

Honestly, you introduce a tool because you have a problem to solve. So you know already where you want to get to. Now it’s just figuring out the way.

That’s why it helps to assign one person to become the tool owner. She or he is responsible for figuring out how the tool can solve the problem. And then get more people on board and teach them to reach this goal. It becomes an internal tool, and you become the product manager for it.

The benefits:
– you maybe solve the problem you wanted to solve in the first place
– you figure out quickly that the tool can’t solve the problem, and you know better than to look for alternatives
– when it’s working, you can enhance everyone’s daily job.