What kind of data wish would you like to be fulfilled instantly?

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Screenshot of Timo Dechau's LinkedIn post with a poll about the primary data challenges in SaaS

Plain Text:

Are you a SaaS CEO?

When the data fairy appears in front of you while you are having your morning tea/coffee or water…

And she/he offers you that she/he can make one data wish to become true. Instantly. What would be your wish?

Every SaaS business, in theory, should have complete insights into the business performance, growth factors, product performance, and operations because 95% of the processes run digitally.

But data is still challenging for most SaaS, at least the ones I work with.

I have started a new research project to see the primary data challenges in SaaS and what could be fixed effectively.

The poll options are just the first ideas.

What kind of data wish would you like to be fulfilled instantly?

  • No more data quality issues
  • One dashboard for all metrics
  • Questions answered in days
  • A proper Northstar metric