Maybe I should start a data community for a specific topic

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I guess a lot of us come across own thoughts: “Maybe I should start a data community for this specific topic”.

Ethan Aaron had a great post some weeks ago discussing the limitations and the pro pro version of an ideal community. That goes beyond the usual Slack community.

And I am thinking about a community. About using activity schema. I guess it will be really small – right now I can think of Ergest XheblatiBrett Kobold and Ahmed Elsamadisi to join. But maybe there are more.

But what is the best format?

Slack – well known and used – and the golden rule of UX: do what people expect. Everyone has a Slack account – it’s usually easy to join and you have easy access

Discord – a bunch more freedom in the setup – a bit cooler than slack – but I guess pretty uncommon in the data space unless you are Mathew.

Geneva – quite new – but goes pretty much beyond Slack with different room types (chat, forum, audio, video, broadcast) – looks really promising. Right now my fav. But no standard.

So I ask you – what platform would you prefer?

And if you like to join the activity schema data model group, just comment here. I will keep you posted when it’s ready.

When you don’t have an idea what this activity schema is about – look for some links in the comments.