We are talking too much about tracking plans? No, we aren’t!

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We are talking too much about tracking plans – no, we don’t.

But there is a point about too much talking.

So let’s do something instead.

Next Tuesday, Stefania Olafsdottir and I team up again, but this time the setup is not a comfortable and cozy chat.

No, it’s me doing the thing everyone is warning you about when doing a webinar or presentation:

I am doing a live demo.

See me at my computer, creating an event schema live, defining properties, some metrics – this is all quite easy.

But I will also implement Avo inspector in my demo app – live with my code editor.

So if you like to see how to develop and work on an event schema and make sure that it gets implemented in the right way, join us next Tuesday at 12:00 CET.

There will also be a recording for all registrations – even when I am unsure if this is a good idea.

Webinar registration: https://bit.ly/3MCIQFm