What do you want to achieve with data in 2022?

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Calling out to everyone in SaaS.

In 2022 we at deepskydata will heavily focus on helping SaaS business to drive their business with data, get more customers, enable all users and let the product drive the growth.

We spent already a bunch of time to develop frameworks, roadmaps, reporting ideas and we will continue to do that, so that we have a cool package for SaaS to get an holistic data setup.

So just before Christmas I would like to share a little thing we already asked our clients today.

A short “What do you want to achieve with data in 2022” survey?

That does not sound special? Then please read on:

We want to do three good things in 2022 already:

#1 With every survey submission, we will donate 20€ to “Girls who code” (https://girlswhocode.com).
Why? Our future of great data products is based on our kids. And we want diverse, great and equal data products to drive humanity. That’s why we invest in this future with “Girls who code.”

#2 You get a 10% voucher on all (yes all) deepskydata solution packages for 2022 (and yes, this means for all the year). Just leave your email in the survey so we can note it down.

#3 In 2022, we want to build better and more data solution packages for you to help you use data to make your daily decisions easier and quicker.

Sounds better now? Great, here is the survey (it’s only five questions):

Thank you all!

All the best and have a pleasant and peaceful start to 2022.