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Are the people enjoying tracking implementation? not really

Are the people out there who want to improve tracking implementation? At least I know one (two to be true).

The new podcast episode with Alexander Kirtzel from elbwalker is online.

Alexander and I are talking about why tracking implementation is so hard and creates so much frustration on the way, why pure auto-tracking is not the solution, and why context is pure analytics magic.

New tracking setups have a lot of really cool high-energy moments just because it’s something new. And often we do a new tracking setup replacing an existing tracking setup that was not so good. And so everyone is super motivated in this to create something new and then comes the implementation.

And implementation usually sucks up any joy and fun of a tracking setup project

Because it’s hard to get some resources in the first place and then it takes longer than everyone thought. The developers don’t really like to do it. because for them it’s something they don’t do every day. And then things are not implemented in the way that you want to have them implemented. So for me, tracking implementation is still one of the hardest things to do.

And Alexander and Ayla Prinz were so frustrated by this that they started a company to make it better.

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