Watch my video where I show this by example with a (hypothetical) tracking setup for AirBnB

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Close your eyes and repeat after me:
You only need to track 8 events to track your business growth.

What, you don’t believe me?

That’s the right attitude. Don’t believe random stuff from the internet. Especially not when it comes to simple truth promises.

But I will show you in a new video (link in the comments) how to focus on your core events, like your first steps to a great data setup.

And I am doing this by pretending I would do the tracking Setup for AirBnB (AirBnB, when you see this and are interested, just ping me).

But most importantly, I want to use an example most of you know to show how to focus on tracking essential things. And to show you how I design events and context really close to how a business operates.