CookieBot is no longer allowed in Germany

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Plain Text:

Mostly for DE companies.
Are you using CookieBot?
Then please check this one:

In gist:
When you use CookieBot on your website to get your users consent. CookieBot is loading the script from Akamai servers. Since Akamai is a US-based company, the court has decided that this is an action that needs consent first (so basically consent for consent 😁).

I have not checked yet how others like TrustArc or Usercentrics (which is now owning CookieBot) are handling it. But would be an interesting case.

If you are looking for an open source consent management: – not really great to set up. But 100% no request to US based servers (ok, depends on where you host it).

The “request to a server which belongs to an US based company” confuses me a bit since this would be the case in a lot of website. Eg. you host something on Vercel… to be watched.