Meet the analytics stack Podcast – Episode 3

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Improving products with data was the initial reason that brought me into this data thing I am today.

Talking to Adam Greco and John Cutler about just that – creating a better customer experience with the help of data was really fun. And I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Meet the analytics Stack Podcast

The [Meet the analytics stack] episode with Adam Greco and John Cutler about Amplitude and Analytics at all is out now.

There is one trap in analytics – putting tools into categories

And I am guilty here too.

So we have tools for marketing analytics (mostly GA). And we have tools for product analytics. And we have tools for app analytics. And surely some niche ones for content analytics, sales analytics,…

I think you get the problem. We are complaining about silos because of specific teams and then we do the same mistake again with analytics tools.

Is Amplitude a product analytics tool – of course it is – but it’s also a tool that supports growth teams, a full e-commerce setup, and now even marketing attribution.

When one thing should become clear after this episode then it’s about improving things with data. Small steps by small steps. That’s the right category – improving business & user experience analytics.

Talking to Adam and John is a great opportunity since both cover different experiences and bring them together nicely. Adam with his background in the “classic” analytics world and John is one of the best persons to talk about how product and data can work hand in hand.

I hope you enjoy this episode and it motivates you to think about enhancing your analytics setup to improve your business and user experience analytics.