We all know: the things you forget to measure, you can’t fix in your data warehouse

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Some people might have recognized that I am quite into tracking plans. I write a lot about them; I even develop frameworks around them and do videos about them.

So, it’s hard to imagine a person on earth who is even more into tracking plans than me, but there is one: Stefania Olafsdottir

Stef founded Avo when just a few people thought about tracking data quality and even using a plan. At that time, she had built a data team for one of the fastest-growing apps and experienced the pain of missing structures and definition between the different teams.

Do you want to see what happens when you put two tracking plan nerds into one room? Sure you want to see that.

Well, it’s happening. We do a free live webinar on 09.03. during prime time European lunchtime. There will also be a recording for everyone who signed up to watch it just before nighttime.

Trust us; data quality starts with the tracking layer. And it’s not just about tracking issues – it’s about making sure you are collecting the right context for all downstream business cases. 

Because what we all know, the things you forget to measure, you can’t fix in your data warehouse.

Webinar signup: https://bit.ly/36KAzyr%0A