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Are you looking for some alternatives to Amplitude, Mixpanel, or Google Analytics?

No worries, that will not be the classic alternative post you see weekly on LinkedIn.

Working with Posthog was one of the pleasant discoveries this year. I already did a test implementation last year but didn’t have time to dive deeper.

I took more time in the last months and used Posthog as my data collection layer for deepskydata.

What I liked:
– Explicit events, auto-tracking, and session recording in one tool – When I worked as a product manager, I had to use 2-3 tools for that and kind of combined all (which never worked)
– The ability to extend the setup with apps – you can use existing apps from Posthog or the community or build your own to receive or transform data before it gets into Posthog or to send data from Posthog to other destinations (e.g., I send data to BigQuery and Avo). I am currently working on an app to receive webhook data
– feature flags and experimentation – I don’t use it for now. Still, feature flags are something I fell in love with when working in a more extensive product organization. Changes the way you do deployments and experiments.

What could be improved:
– EU-server location – I know it’s in the making but not there yet – but you can use Restack to host your open source version on your infra
– the pricing models and differences between self-hosted and open-source are complicated to understand (and a bit confusing)
– no shiny dashboards like people love them from Mixpanel

Do you use Posthog? Are you testing or considering it? If yes, please let me know what you like or what kind of questions you have!

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