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From pivot to category definition – the Amplitude story.

If I would do data documentations that would be a great title. Actually maybe I should do data documentations at some point.

I came across Amplitude years ago, when it was high-time of mobile analytics. Mixpanel was the clear product leader in this category, but Amplitude came along with a newer and fresher interface and most important with a very attractive price model – a very generous free plan. I was bought. But mobile projects have been rare, so it never become my always go-to service.

Then Google came along with Firebase and did the same thing what they did in the web analytics world before, cleaning the market. All the apps I worked with switched to Firebase and the potential market for services like Amplitude and Mixpanel got smaller and smaller.

So it was time to pivot. And Amplitude did a natural one. Their service was build around user based event analysis. Which is a natural fit for apps but also for any kind of product where people sign up and in. So they defined the new category of Product Analytics (I don’t know who actually created it). And it became a massive hit. So massive that Amplitude ended up going public last year.

So what makes Amplitude special? When you are into Saas, Apps or anything that lets users create an account and have a long journey in a logged in state, Amplitude gives you powerful reports to understand the funnels (over long time), retention (with cohorts) and most important the impact of features on these funnels and cohorts. So you get an easy toolset to define your product performance baseline. And they kept their generous free plan for you to test and grow with the service.

I have added the initial Amplitude information to the Analytics Alternatives Repo (links in the comments).

Adam GrecoHao LiuFranciska DethlefsenPatrick ThompsonIvy Chang Liu – reaching out to you – I would like to do the same format I am doing with Snowplow already:
– #1 – 30m vid/podcast about the product, the culture, the mission of Amplitude
– #2 – a nerdy vidcast diving into the product to showcase some use cases

Who would be the best persons to contact for this?