Making sense of data

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Making sense of data is still the most complex part (and will always be the hardest).

And no tool will help you with that.

Especially when you build your tracking based on what user’s can do on your website or in your app. The classic interaction event-based approach can produce much data that is often pretty meaningless.

One solution to this problem is to track data differently. When you create a tracking based on how your business operates, it makes it easier for you to come up with meaningful funnels and metrics. In this approach, we don’t really care about what buttons a user can click but more about how she moves through the process.

How does this look like?

This is something I will show today in my live session:

Taking Airbnb as an example, I design an alternative tracking approach that does not care how the listing or object page looks like but is more about how users move through the journey.

Everything will be recorded, so if you attend, you will get the recording and the link later, where I will post my summary video on Youtube.