From dumping everything to just getting the right data

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Improve your data collection from dumping everything (yes, everything) to just getting the right things.

Now that I wrote this, I recognize it’s like doing groceries with or without writing down what you need.

I am currently working on my first course for the deepskydata video platform, and it is “data collection 101”. Here are the chapters:

01 – introduction to data collection

02 – The easy “just dump it” approach to data collection

03 – Disconnection between tracking and business actions

04 – Collect the important business questions

05 – Collect data using a metrics-based approach

06 – Collect data using a business & product-based approach

07 – The benefits of a structured approach instead of just dumping the data

08 – The “Segment” way of Event Tracking – and the problems it can create

09 – The Entity & Activity-based event schema

10 – Business Events – data that represents your business

11 – Product Events – data that shows product usage

12 – Interaction Events – most granular level of events

It’s really new to me to create these things but I am learning…

If you like to learn this, follow the link. We are still building but hope to open the doors by the end of September.