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What about some operational analytics ideas?

When you start experimenting in a new category, you usually have 1-2 use cases in mind you want to apply. But what’s next after them?

I did an operational analytics aka reverse ETL project some months ago. In this case, we “simply” enriched the Hubspot contacts with data from the production database: mostly usage data. The marketing team then builds new email sequences on top to upgrade accounts and reactivate them. After that, I always have in mind to look for more use cases.

Here are some I come across since:
– Cleaning up your CRM data and doing identity stitching and extension – In that case you pull your data out, give a good wash and make up and send it back into your CRM nice and shiny. Inspired by what Richard Makara and Niko Korvenlaita are doing with reconfigured

– Enrich your product analytics data with CRM and production database data. Or even marketing data – adding your CAC to your user data in Amplitude, Mixpanel, or Posthog.

– Get more context into Customer Service workflows by adding CRM, behavioral, and production DB data. Make your CS agent’s life easier with more customer context to get a better understanding of their situation and setup (yes, they were trying to set up this connection already 20 times)

If you are interested especially in the last case I have a special video program for you Donny Flynn and Jeff Sloan are walking through a setup to enhance customer service with Census.