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Last week I started to create an open directory with analytics alternatives.

Now I have the v0.5 ready and the first alternative is added: Snowplow

When you check the Github repo, you will see that I try to apply a simple knowledge graph (at the moment as simple yaml file).

Link is in the comment.

A lot of stuff needs to be done. Especially would love to have someone from Snowplow checking over the data I added for them – asking my Snowplow contacts: Rob EdwardsMichael BrackloKyle UsselmanWill StoltonGareth EvansPaul BoocockGeorge LynchEddie May, James McMullan and surly anyone else with extensive Snowplow knowledge.

Also for the Snowplow people – I would love to do two sessions with someone of you:
– a podcast/vidcast about the history, the design principles, the unique selling points, the future, the company culture
– a hands on video where we go together into your managed offer and show how you do and manage your setup, so everyone can get a first idea how it is like to work in Snowplow – I will ask the beginner questions

Also write me when you have feedback about the structure and the criteria we add.

When you are amazing, you create a new pull request in the repo with your changes, but DM is fine too. But remember, Git becomes a foundation when working in data.

And I also created a simply website for the alternatives based on GitBook – Basic, but ok for starters. (Link in comment).

Next first versions of other alternatives are coming.