Join me on LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitch for this Webinar about UA and the migration to GA4 on Fri, Mar 25, 2022, 12:30 PM (CET)

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So, I was wrong – I was assuming that Google will leave the Google Analytics Universal properties running for quite some time.

But no, in July 2023 they stop receiving hits and after some time they will delete your data. Yes, they will delete your data.

So, the question: Should I migrate to Google Analytics 4? – is not really a question anymore.

But maybe it’s actually a really important question.

What are the important things I should consider if Google Analytics 4 is the right tool for me in the future?

In this event I am trying to give some answers to the question:
Is Google Analytics 4 the right tool for me?

What are specific business requirements that make GA4 the right tool and what requirements maybe lead to other tools?

Exciting, isn’t it?

Then join the event – There will be a recording afterward for everyone in different timezones.